hello back.

Woww! It's been wayy wayy WAY too long i abandoned this blog. Let's see, when was it, my last writing? ... It was on 15th April. Current date? 9th of Aug. It's been 1, 2, 3, 4.. oh it's 4 months. oh well. mulai sekarang saya akan kemas balik apa yang saya tinggalkan sebelum ni. eh, apa yang merepek ni?

Kenapa sekarang baru terfikir nak update balik? Well, sebab.. sebab.. i read some blogs with interesting stuffs, and tiba tiba semangat balik nak update, kott? whatsoever, like people really concerned 'bout it, puhless.

And, one confession to be made. saya semakin gem-OK. HAHAA. straight to the point. i just dont get it, bulan puasa cemni lah aku nak makan banyak. Like seriously. Nafsu makan membuak buak weh bulan puasa ni. Oh and by the way, it's not too late to wish you people out there a Happy Fasting Month. RAMADHAN KAREEM! Let's change to a better person aite, in this blessed and holy month :D

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