cursing the system; typical.

Im doing my online add/drop session for my next semester's subjects right now. Seeing so many people were really, REALLY angry with the system is kindda funny. *wait, include myself in*
Typical, everytime ada benda macam ni (mcm check result, add/drop online), system mesti lah slow kan. I really think those top ranking people need to upgrade here and there since you guys increase our fees. HAHAA.

Kelakar tengok orang cursing the innocent system. Apa boleh buat, think how many people are doing the same thing in the same time. Mana tak slow system. Chill ehh people. You too Syeda. Keep cool. Chill. Aku boleh cakap macam ni sebab aku dah gave up. Dah logged out from the packed system. Malas nak fikir lagi, so terpaksa lah buat add/drop manual nenti :'( *SIGHHHH


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