Note to self

No matter how hard some people try to maintain themselves in a their so- called comfort zone, Allah will always give obstacles for them to see how well they'll do to overcome those obstacles.

Kalau kita jatuh, tak semesti nya kita kena pasrah je. Ofcourse we can do something to get back on our feet. There aint anything impossible in this world.

One wishlist done.

Got a very pretty lil gift from the bestie the moment i woke up today. Sangat sukaaaaa. Thank you so much love.

The cutie pies

These lil cousins of mine really are adorable. Wish my future child to be as cute them. Heuheuheu.

♥ ♥ ♥

Kayak game

Just a quick update on something. The past few weeks, i was involved in the MASUM game for my University's Kayak Team. Was my second MASUM game.

stand as one.
The Best Coach! Sesi memberi semangat.
Nampak tak semangat sekarang?

I'll bring back atleast a medal before graduate dari UIA. HE HE HE