im home.

right now, im on my one- month- holidays.
i dont think i need to tell the world about it. but oh well, i just did.
so, some typical questions people might ask.
"what's your plan for this holiday? arent you going out? why not go find some jobs?"

i think i did answer those kind of typical questions on my previous previous previous post.
for this holiday, i didnt do much things. didnt have any plans for the upcoming days either. im thinking of following the flow of life. much easier!

just some random story of what i did yesterday;
visited my friend at hospital. he got himself a broken ligaments. oh well, no surprise tho, he was a basketball player. sport people. one day, one time, akan out jugak.
okay no offense, reminder for myself as well.
i feel sorry for him. get well soon orite. kitorang selalu doakan kau cepat sembuh :)
oh and we also stopped by at UIA PJ lepas balik dari hospital. semata mata nak makan. ada lah sorang dua member tu tengah on bajet, so they said to just stop by dekat sana to eat sebab makanan dekat CFS is wayyy more cheaper than dekat Gombak. i dont deny that. so true.
and so, yadaa yadaa. so much for yesterday.

right now, im thinking of being an english teacher. or a math teacher might do.
atleast these are the subjects im good at. hahaa. anyone interested to hire me? okay im kidding.

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