start the study,

tomorrow is gonna be the start of my daily life as a UIA student again.
routine akan berjalan seperti biasa.

and today im very tired.
woke up at 6am and didnt sleep.
went to Putrajaya.
done the interview with the manager for MANAGEMENT project.
thanks to FARHANA for getting a backup manager.
what's left is gonna be done next week jela.
back home at 5pm.
seriously exhausted.
and i just hit my car on a concrete.
lampu belakang pecah; OH TERIMA KASIH sangat sangat for making me pissed.

oh the backup manager;
it was because we got canceled last minute for the appointment with the first manager.
on the day of appointment, we got canceled.
memang frust lah.
nasib baik ada backup;)

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