im jealous.

i got this friend of my friend.
she IS skinny, yeah i mean real SKINNY.
i dont understand why this friend of my friend has a thought of herself being fat.
GOD, she did all those abs exercises, gone to gym and avoid all those rice-based foods.
how did she live with all that?!!
man! im really envy.
she really got the determination to do so.
seriously i am JEALOUS of her.

i also did the gymming things before.
but i stopped.
im not motivated at all now.
gishh; i want to be like her one day.


misfaida said...

syeda kan dah kurus, janganlah kurus lagi dah. ahahhahha :D

SYEDAzainal said...

isyhh duduk gombak ni dah makin naik berat;(