an advanced goodbye to the sweet home.

The so- called- three- weeks- holidays is finally coming to an end. Tak sabar nya rasa nak masuk sem baru -_-" ok tipu. Rasa macam baru semalam start cuti sem. Time, Y U NO slow down? I dont think im ready yet for the next semester. So many things to do yet so little time left. Thinking 'bout what is gonna happen next semester, what im gonna do, how are things gonna change. Ahh, all these things keep on popping in my head every time i think about UIA. Blame myself for counting down the days.

The result? Hanya mampu sujud syukur dengan apa yang aku dapat. I know the past semester had been a one hectic semester, yet im grateful to Allah for everything i got. Not to forget all the lecturers that have taught me, i know i've been a pain in the ass. Thanks tho for everything. And and and, well biasa la kan, nama pun student. Mesti ada lecturer yang kita suka, and ada yang kita tak suka, kita mesti selalu mengata dia kan. Tolong jangan tipu diri. I've gotta reflect myself on that. Really! Maybe time tu aku tak ingat kot apa yang kita belajar semua based on the teachers' Redha. Haihh. Seriously have to do some muhasabah diri balik.

So, i guess i have to say goodbye then to my home sweet home T_T

I dont think i can constantly update after the semester start. Actually, it is something i ALWAYS do when the semester start. i mean, the 'can constantly update' part. Recalling back the past past past posts, pernah ke aku update time dekat campus. Naah! Kalau tak busy benda academic, aku busy berjimba dengan kawan kawan. Eh? Okay silap. Aku mana ada berjimba dah sekarang. No no. Seriously, tak berjimba, tak perfoya dah.

So, au revoir~ adeus~ Salam~


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fasiihah said...

hehe..same here..ciah sdey jugak..ingt lagi tak ciah?