the hols w/o books.

i admitted.
i DID NOT touch any books for this one week of my mid semester holiday.
ohh, maybe just calculus. itu pun just 1 hour i think. or is it less? and itu pun TAK focus entirely on it.
and i'll be having 3 papers after this one week holiday.
sekarang baru nak freaked out!
sumpah. seminggu ni memang takde lansung mood study.
bila baca twitter, semua dok study for exams; rasa macam nak study jugak.
but then bila dah bukak buku, otak dah melayang ke lain padahal buku dah terbentang lawa depan mata.
so typical.
aku rasa seminggu tak pegang pen and pencil, mesti jadi kaku kan tangan?

even tho this one week holiday is quite a short one. but it was awesome. TOTALLY! no kidding.
i hoped for a real holiday. and yupp. i got what i wished for.
so freaking happy and satisfied!
went outing with ma girls.
went to perak. **KL - Ipoh - Tapah - Rawang
and all in all, we took 3 days for that.
i'll be updating the journey to perak on the next post.
just got back home tonight.

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