okay, just nak update about the AGD on 28th of Jan :)
actually, this post has been in my draft for about a week now.
i just dont feel like publishing this entry at first.
but suddenly, i ended up posted it.

it was an awesome night. quite a reunion i can say.
but em, exclude the food part. macam kenduri kawen punya makanan je.
i think kenduri kawen punya makanan is wayy better. sorry to say.
but really. everyone were so handsome, smart, beautiful, gorgeous anddd shiningg, maybe ;p
the best part was when we get to see the old friends *my batch to be particular.
seems like there were quite a number of new ict students huhh that night?

<3<3 :)

i dont really know who they are. sorry guys.

i miss them so much.

i really think this picture is cropped out. macam mana boleh jadi gambar macam ni ha? grr!

so much for the pictures. actually i dont take much pictures back then.
i didnt even bring any camera.
cuz' i just know the guys brought them already.
well; i lost count of how many dslr were there.
i mean like, seriously. dah macam paparazi wey. flash sana flash sini.

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