what an exam day.

Today, im a bit pissed off.
Mana tak nya. For these past few days, aku duk pulun membaca buku segala for today's exam.
But then, the exam was cancelled. And we've been told this morning that it was cancelled. And supposedly, the exam was at 10am.
Madam sent us the email saying that the venue cannot be used. But it's not her fault actually.
She was also shocked! And she said she knew about it this morning too! The UIA's staff supposed to tell her that the exam's venue cannot be used earlier. Like, watdehekk system macam ni??!
Dah semangat okayy. Keluar awal awal lagi sebab nak breakfast semua. And it end up like this. Quite frustrating. Kalau tau taknak bagi venue tu, kenapa tak inform awal awal?? You know how much I DON'T LIKE reading right? So not my thing lahh.

But still umi cakap, takpe. Sebab dah baca, and I still gain something from reading kan?

Hope it's not a prank.
Pelik kan kalau exam tiba tiba cancel on the exam day?
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