like i've said in the last post, i would be very busy right?
and i WAS vey busy.
it was the futsal game on Monday and Tuesday.
and we're sorry Safiyyah ):
we did our best. sampai kaki ni pun bengkak bengkak semua.
i guess it's worth it. and it's already been a week now.
somehow i miss them ;(

half of the players ;)

and last week also, i felt some kind of lost.
jenny changed room.
now, there's no more KAED student in my room.
felt a bit quiet without you.
maybe others don't feel the same way.
and maybe aku je yang terasa sikit kehilangan sebab aku suka kacau kau dekat compartment kott.
seriously, the room was quiet though.

what else huhh?
ohh, yesterday i got the chance to hang out with this two besties of mine.

they're not foreigners okay :P

went to KLCC. window shopping alright.
just spending some time together. just us three.
bukan senang nak dapat peluang macam ni tau.
masing masing busy time weekdays kan.
and i've the assignment DONE on time last night.
the OOP assignment, yang macam freaking bullshit.
even assignment pun nak kena SOOO theoretical ke?
it was due at 11.59pm and we've sent them in by 11.30pm.
so like us, buat kerja last minutes (:
by the way, next week dah start midterm exams.
wish me luck orite (:


Atikah Khalil said...

jenny tu jannah ke? :)

SYEDAzainal said...

jannah. tapi sekarang dah jadi ex-roommate.