we had our lunch at Ayam Penyet Restaurant Sri Gombak petang tadi.
ohh the food was great.
the chicken is super juicy and delicious.
honestly, you have to try.
but then, they put some BELACAN which i didnt realize at all.
this the highlighted part.
i know i had sinus problem.
lagi pergi makan belacan tu.
antara pantang larang untuk orang resdung:
1. jangan makan belacan. or even go near belacan.
2. dont be in a dusty area. RESTRICT yourself.

tempting; dont you think so? :)

disebabkan saya langgar salah satu.
now i got a really severe flu.
i'm having this unstoppable sneezing problem.
just great kan?!
the most unwanted thing to me is having flu.
i might just die of the tiredness from sneezing the whole day.
right now im still having them.
even after i swallowed some pills.
still tak lut.
duhh! penat lahh.

this is when im having fun before the flu comes.

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