keserabutan otak.

sorry for being a bit cranky for these couples of days.
mood swing.
sebab some personal matters.
and lately ni, hati dan jantung aku ni agak cepat tersentap.
sikit sikit nak touching.
but im trying my best not to show all the touchy touchy side of me.
really, i tried my best to endure them myself.

for these few months.
i've been thinking A LOT on the money flow of my family.
okay. i know they've been giving me advises.
so that i wont think of this thing.
really, thank you so much for doing so.
but heyy.
this particular money thingy just wont jump out of my brain.

here's the thing.
i didnt get the loan.
i didnt apply for PTPTN.
and the scholarships.
im trying to apply one.
but my dad said, im not eligible.
bukan sebab result. ohh, just forget it!
too much for the brain to take.
my other part of the brain needs to consume all those learning stuffs.
while the other part; always keep thinking about... URGHHH!

can life be more complicated than this??!

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