SAD; not sad.

supposedly, tonight i have to revise this one subject called SAD.
*System Analysis and Design.
subject apa ni?
oh to tell the truth, i dont understand a thing from the first class.
today, we just finished chapter 2.
that's why lah i need to read all the way back from chapter 1.
i know it's just 2 chapters; but really, im not confident with this subjects too.
im not good at reading and memorizing.
it's worst than Management subject you know.
it's all about theories and theories AND theories.

for this semester, i only have one calculation subject which is Calculus.
i prefer counting 1 2 3 than memorizing the what-so-called-all-the-principles.
hope i can do better for this semester.
what to do?
im the one that begged for SAD subject.
heyy, who wants to take Financial Accounting with Calculus?
it's like putting yourself on the top peak of a mountain.
* just a metaphor;p ignore!
please, you can bare with it.
okayy then, will read the book rightttt after this ;)

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