hard to cope with them

malam semalam ada game futsal for mahallah Safiyyah.
and i joined.
dah setahun tak main, bila main balik mula lah sakit sakit balik kaki ni.
but the game was only for fun.
**yang sepatutnya untuk selection for the next game which will be on Jan i guess.
that one is between all the girls' hostels in campus.

back to the main story.
yesterday's game which was supposed to be fun became quite hectic.
sebab other team mostly third and forth year students.
me and my other two roommates je yang first year students yang terlebih rajin nak join.
ohh well; biasa lah.
bila rasa diri tu tua, rasa macam boleh la pijak pijak sikit kepala junior kan?
semua nak ikut cakap mereka.
kami hanya budak budak.
tapi kami bersemangat tau.
takpe takpe.
it's just a game to be enjoy.

i don't mind at all kalau tak terpilih for the next game.
i'm waiting for the hockey team to call for the training.
GOD, i miss playing hockey.
i know i'm loosing the skills now.
please cepat cepat buat training ye team manager ;)

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