shuffle shuffle.

ni bukan 'shuffle' dekat ipod tu okay.
im talking about the shuffle that people do on the street side.
talk about it.
i do love those kind of things.
siapa tak suka kan benda benda extraordinary ni.

i remember back at those school days.
during that time, memang sangat popular benda benda ni.
i love watching those kids shuffled outside of their classroom.
even time rehat pun jadi.
then semua orang kumpul keliling budak budak tu.
they looked like they're doing a street dance; hhaha.

and back at my cfs life.
there was one day when my friends and i just got back from somewhere.
i just cant remember exactly where we're from.
and i cant remember why i started to shuffled.
that time; my friends recorded it.
macam malu gila diorang suruh aku buat lagi sebab nak record punya pasal.
i dont know ada lagi ke tak video tu dekat diorang.
i know it's embarrassing.
but i only did it in front of my girl friends.
that's not a bad thing is it?

what can i do.
i'm raised in a family that have 4 guys.
how can i not be A BIT like them.
oh but then, i do have my women-side of me okay.
i think im starting to talk craps now.
tell you what; i do miss doing those things.

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