it ends yesterday.

yes~ yes~
i know.
it was my final exams week for the last two weeks.
and, it was quite okay; i guess.
i did my best.
hopefully the result would be good enough.
and yesterday was my last paper.
NOW im declaring my holiday, okay peeps.

this past two weeks.
macam macam terjadi.
too much plots to tell.
but one thing for sure.
i had much fun.
even though it was an exam week.

with the DOMINOS.

hanged out dengan roommate.

yela, cuti sebulan lepas final.
oh ya; cant wait for next sem.
ramai nya yang akan masuk ke gombak.
especially ALIYAH.
yeah babeh.
i miss you like crazy frog. ohh; i've said that before.

now that im on a holiday.
i'm hoping to go for a real holiday in some nice place; other than KL.
i cant even remember the last time i went for a holiday.
*okay itu dusta.
it'll be fun. PASTI.
im happy right now.
cant tell why;))

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