oh loan.

today i went for an interview which is for pinjaman kerajaan selangor.
the interview was supposed to start at 9am.
sampai sana before 9 and im the 8th person for my panel.
and i lost count for the people that came before me.
oh ya;
most of the people memang dari UIA.
okay so obvious tau.
dengan bag taaruf segala.
perlu ke?
i thought coming early can get me in early too.
but i was wrong.
rupa nya sampai sampai memang dah start.
and i didnt even took my breakfast.
and so.
the migraine came.
padan muka siapa suruh tak makan breakfast sebelum keluar.
balik pun around 12pm.
disebabkan tak tahan migraine, i slept for hours.

oh and the panel yang interview tadi.
she seemed to not letting me have the loan.
oh well;
i went for the interview; so now i just need to pray for it;)


DianaTahir said...

yeah! u just need to pray now dear :)

SYEDAzainal said...

doakan sekali yea.