weekly life.

miss me bloggie?
i know i know~

minggu ni dah start final exams.
quite busy.
KINDDA busy tapi sempat tengok movie lagi malam malam;)
hey, cant let the brain overdo itself right?
one of the way to get rid of the tense.

for now;
just finished one paper.
baru pagi tadi habis.
4 more to go.
oh and the carry marks. . .
quite good.
but still; not satisfied.
EOP and DATABASE looks bright for me.
others; urghhh!

okay okay enough wining.
so apa lagi?
start on with the revision then.

oh oh; another thing another thing.
nampaknya saya semakin sayang roommate saya;) *wink
baru sedar selama satu sem dengan dia.
rupa nya dia sangat sangat lah baik.
in term of EVERYTHING.
lately baru dapat spent time dengan dia.
i'll get to know her better soon.

wish me luck for the interview tomorrow;))