so not my style.

yesterday i kindda have a funny conversation with my mom;)
funny; but I DONT LIKE IT.

talked bout engage;
well; who's going to get engaged?
hell the coversation is bout me lah.

cause the past two, three weeks;
my dad always and always talked bout his friend's son.
he said; that guy is kind hearted; modest; had a job already; & he's 4 years older than me.
so; pendekkan story. he wanted to introduce him to me.
well; frst thought that came to my mind that time. . .
"zaman skrg pn na kne prnts match2 kan ke? ADOYY."
then, there's one day i asked my mom.
"hensem ke dye tu?"
mak aku bantai gelak xberenti; CEHH.
she even told my dad bout that.
even my dad gelak jgk. & he said that guy IS goodlooking.
but but; aku still XNAK lahh.

oke back to the conversation with my mom;
that time we were waiting for the car to be serviced.

MOM: so akk, how?
ME: how ape plk ttbe nie?
MOM: psl yg abah na tunang kan akk tu.
ME: huuuh?! still not done ke? kan akk ckp xna lahh.
MOM: nape? oke what. ke akk da ade sape2?
ME: not at all. mne ade ssape. xde lah; malu lah. mude2 da tunang.
bkn style akk la cmni. akk na stdy dulu smpai master.

MOM: xpe la. klw da tunang xde la org laen na kcau2 akk. still bole je stdy.
ME: i know; tp biar la akk enjoy life dulu. hhahhaaa.
*mak aku pn gelak.
MOM: xcukup enjoy lg ke?
*aku geleng2.
ME: oke cmni2; tgu akk 23, klw akk xde sape2; okelah.
MOM: 23? umi pn kawen time 21 thn.
ME: haiyaa; tu umi. akk laen. oke2, atleast tgu la akk 20 ke 21 ke.
MOM: haa; yg nie kne dscuss ngn abah eh.hhahhaa.
*amboii; gelak plk mak aku, aku ckp cm2.

i tried really hard to avoid these kind of questions.
but i always got cought.
& I DONT LIKE this conversation.

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