childhood story;

td time iron2 baju; ttbe a memory of my childhood strucked.
this particular memory is bout my neighbor next door;

dulu ktorg adeq bradeq sgt xsuke jiran sblh rumah nie.
BUKAN BENCI; xske je.
not the whole family yg ktorg xske.
just their kids;
they're all in our range of years too.
so, umo ktorg mmg dkt2 la.
& well; up til now we never ever had a chat.
tp aku mcm kepelikan jgk;
arent neighbors supposed to get along well?

this neighbor;
they have their grandma living with them;
i heard they called her 'opah'.
i personally xske dorg nie since around drjh 2,3 cmtu lah;
sebab utama xsuke;
they really are RUDE to their opah.
hell; bole x, dorg dok pngl opah dorg 'bodoh', 'pekak' and so on;
just bcause she didnt do what they asked her to.
where goes all the respect to her granma??
yang xtahan nye, tiap2 ari aku dgr dorg tengking2; maki hamun opah.
sdey weyyy dgr cmtu.
sumpa mmg aku kesian ngn opah.

there's one day time aku form5;
bcause lame xblek dr hostel, ble blek xnmpk opah da.
i asked my mom mne opah tu.
i thought she. . .
but my mom said;
opah blek perak kjp, tgk kg dye.
well; i DO care bout that opah ye.

& yeah, we're still leaving next door up til now.
i always wanted to sit and have a chat with opah;
tp ble trigt cucu dye.
tkot doe.
kang aku sembang2 ngn opah kang, opah kne marah.
but as the time grew;
aku xde dah dgr opah kne tengking2 sume.

tiap2 kali aku nak jemor baju ke, keluar ke;
opah selalu semyum kt aku;
kdg2 aku ade tgk dye dok kt luar rumah; termenung.
sayu hati aku;(

ohh well; done!
xnak dah la cter pnjg2 psl dorg.
dah sayu skrg nie.
til later more story;)

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