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haihh. how long has it been? 4 months? 5 months? i should have had lots of things to write now. but how come everything are not coming into my mind? *sigh*

okay then, just let me start from scratch. what was i up to for these past 4 months. or should i say, for the past year of 2011? and yeah! i didnt give any happy new year wishes yet, right? lately, i'm having this one kind of syndrome of forgetting things quickly. i think i have something wrong in the...short term memory i guess. my memory arent getting any better by years. urm so, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! wish you people a happy 2012. "New Year, New You". may Allah bless every single day you're going thru.

back to the topic, what was i doing last semester? tch. of course just like other people, i live my life with ups and downs.especially being a student. for me, the past semester was really tiring yet awesome in some ways.
well, it's hard to remember everything i did for the whole year. let me start with the recent things that happened, so that i can remember bits by bits what i've gone thru. frankly speaking, i trained my brain to not consume the unlikable things which i call bad- memories. maybe because of that, it's easy to forget what happened. or was it because my brain is really small that it just cannot consume everything? uhh, but what i know is that, i wont remember anything that i hate and i dont like. even people that i dont like, well, i cant remember them anymore. be the people i like so that you can stay in my brain as a good memory to be remember. i guess it's just normal to train our brain like this.

recent things, recent things. hurm, i just finished my 3rd semester for my study. 5 more semesters till i can graduate. the study are getting tougher and tougher every semester. it was a very exhausting period for the past semester, yet it was fun. to be frank, i was having this one dilemma in which i had to choose the major for my course. actually i dont even know why in the world im taking IT course in the first place. i dont even know what my future would be, cant even imagine what kind of jobs i'll be doing for the next 2 years. haihh..i always dream of living a life with lots of money. marry a rich man so that i dont have to work, enjoy my luxurious life all day long. HAHA. pathetic isnt it? thinking of this nonsense dream, i can only hope that i do good in my study. get a reasonable job later on. living a normal life. and the path of my journey began with me whining all the time. such a bad starting. so yeah. i'll try harder next time.

what else? yeah, i think this is another typical problem of being a student. financial problem! am i right or am i right? i envy people with scholarships and loans. they have their happy moment spending those money shopping, fulfilled their desires. me? it's a self-sponsor, from the first moment i step in the life of a University student, up till now. there are times when i think why am i so unlucky? i tried and applied all those scholarships and loans, even went for the interviews for the applications. but then, failed it is. see how unlucky i was? i feel guilty every time i wanted to do shopping with my friends, using my dad's money for unnecessary stuff just to fulfill the temptation. yes, GUILTY. i really wanted to have my own money, buy stuff with my own money. hoping that one day the rain will fall together with money. and again pathetic!

and recently, i am having the heavenly happy moments with my family. i feel so appreciated when im with them. for the good and the bad things that happened, i dont regret what i have right now.
aaa, this is out of topic, i wanted to be an athlete with atleast a medal to bring home. so yeah, think that's the conclusion of this long entry.

The Best Bodyguards ever!

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