this is life,

life is not always gonna be perfect.
i dont think anyone, ANYONE in this world have such a perfect life.
okayy, maybe you're having it now.
but i know all of you did experienced the downs in life.
who did not? right?

hey, biasa lah tu.
we only loaning everything we're having right now.
that's why we have all the ups and downs in this life.
to test our level of thankfulness.
but hey, once you're down, there will be times you'll be rise up again.
but when you think you're on the top of everything, dont be too proud.
be grateful and dont think of it as it'll last forever.
like the saying, life is like a wheel.
and everything that happened or happening or will happen;
there's a reasons for it.
you might not know it.
you might not know everything you're having right now are precious til you lost them.

**conclusion, hold on to what you have now.
treasure them.

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