on the busy mode.

i've turned on the busy mode for last week.
VERY busy mode.
and this week will probably still on the busy mode too.

here's some bits of this week.
started on Monday, training untuk futsal.
and it was on going every single night for the whole week.
sangat penat. sangat letih. agak dah nak pancit jugak lah.
but nasib baik my body still can take it.
walaupun masih selsema. badan saya kuat ;)
disebabkan dah nak lawan on next Monday, teammates saya jadi psyco.
asyik nak training je. DUHH!
we need rest too you know.
but we just have to listen to them because half of the players are the final year students.
senior lah katekan.
oh well, i just hope that we can win the game though.
hope all the trainings and the 'penat lelah' in this one week berbaloi.
sampai sakit sakit belakang semua.
patut sakit kaki, ni sakit belakang.

AND ini pulak something that really bugging my brain;
this semester, i took OOP which is Object Oriented Programming.
i DO love all the programming thingy.
but for this one, i just dont know why.
it's just so hard for me to understand the flow for this subject.
we're only use java. i know it's easy. TAPIII.
but why the hell do we have to use java in linux?
why not just use windows?!
im really confuse!
apa ni??! exercises in class dalam linux but assignments kena buat using windows.
and my laptop is getting heavier every semester.

why am i whining too much??!
cakap nak amek Computer Science.
ni baru sikit dah nak bising bising.
this is only basic. belum yang lain lagi.
kalau nak CS, every semester ada programming kau tau!
i'll try to lessen the whining next time. hhee~

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