dedicated to QURRATU 'AINI;)

i made this entry just for YOU.
sorry i didn't reply you.
both phones are out of credit.
i guess this is the only way to reply to you;) hheee~
aku betul betul tersentuh bila dapat message kau.
i want to thank you too.
it's not just me who helped you.
we both help each other.
okay, tiba tiba terasa sebak.
i know how you feel.
i was really shocked too.
i guess we're really meant for each other huhh?
since foundation lagi kan =)

and you know it very well.
I LOVE YOU TOO okay :x


DianaTahir said...

omgeee~ so sweet la korg :D heeee. really meant for each other

El Soraya said...

Haha korang really meant for each other. Bila tengok korg, korang da mcm best friends forever and ever :D

SYEDAzainal said...