bits of the week.

ummi made me spaghetti 'special punya' today;)
ohh, long time haven't eat her spaghetti.
i was just playing around last week about the spaghetti thing in FB
she really made them for me.
makan banyak sangat sampai sekarang tak larat nak buat kerja langsung.

oh btw;
haritu pergi buat sinus facial;)
tapi sekarang bekas bekas la muka.
and ohh i swear, i would never do the sinus treatment again.
thought i can bare it.
tapi asap dia.
sampai ke dalam tekak.
memang tak tahan.
terbatuk batuk sampai meleleh air mata.
adoyy; malu ;p

what else?
oh yeah. the database project; DONE!
now one project left;)
next week start final.
takut jugak actually.
i've been quite lazy lately.
oh well; push yourself together syeda. *winkwink*
lepas final got a month of holiday.
cant wait for that; yeaaaay~

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