i want .

this morning i just saw.
10 boxes of 'kuih raya'.
goshh; my mum just so addicted buying things in her school.
she just cant push away the desire; cant she?
this year is another year of not making own-kuih-raya.
i miss making all the kuih raya.

my aunt made those 'sarang semut' and the honey cornflakes for eid.
she did ask me to tag along to make those.
but but; another plan came on that day . *sigh ;(
really, i wanted so much.

one more thing.
i didnt shop for raya yet.
did go shopping last weekend; but just got one new pajama.
not more.
my lil brother got 3 shirts and 3 trousers.
mum said next week we'll go shopping in KL.
oke; i'll wait.
i want new clothes, new shawls, new shoes, new bags.
upps; kindda overlimit.

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