bila rindu.

i guess what i'll be writing wont have anything to do with the title.
maybe this is a bit outdated;
still; i know it's not too late rite?

been really busy lately til there's no time to update a thing here.
i was thinking of deleting this blog.
stop the blogging thingy.
tp bila dah tak de apa2 nak buat, bila dah bosan, baru lah nak buka.
hah; typical kan?

orite, new updates.
first; 2 paper for midsem exam DONE, but 4 more to go after eid.
second; im starting to love the programming tutorial class more and more. hhaha
third; got 2 things UNDONE for management; the presentation *didnt even read the case and the whole chapter yet. plus the project of interviewing a real manager. GOD, do we really need to do that?
lastly; i miss the time when we used to go out and overnight every weekends.

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