aceh pt1;

as the promised;
more pictures.
nie lah aktiviti kt ACEH.
sy summed up kan activity ktorg ye; klw nak cter sume, berjela pnjang.

Day I;

hotel yg ktorg stayed called PAVILIUN SEULAWAH. unique name isnt it?;)

night activity: MAKAN.

& MAKAN lg;) hhaahaa

balik dr makan, ddk kt lobby hotel, layan FIFA; kjp je pn. dgn si kecik 2 org nie.

Day II;

an enormous ship landed on houses.

ini full picture of the huge ship; sgt besar kan? kene amek dr jao bru dpt full picture.

dorg ckp sampan nie dr tsunami tu; *ohh, abaikan bju taaruf tu ye*

this is the school of the TAHFIZ kids;

suci kan mereke?;) oh nie je bdk2 tahfiz; sikit je kan? hope there will be more tahfiz soon.

lunch kt rumah ustad2 aceh tu.

crowded; berjalan kt tman prumahan yg dikatekn diderma oleh jackie chan; this, i dont really know the truth behind the story.

dinner kt one of the restaurant nearby out hotel; uhh, kindda expensive lah restoren nie.