after taking break;)

it's been quite sometimes blog nie berhabuk;
well, na ckp busy, tak pon.
third sem is my final sem in cfs;
1 sbjk je pon aku amek time sem 3.
tp sbb mls pnye psl la kot aku mls na update ape2.

sem 3 has been a long period for me;
though it just a 2months-long.
too many things happened.
too many memories 've been created.
really, those were kindda tiring for me.

well, the pasts still gonna be the pasts.
just the memories to captivate.

&& now im in a 2months holiday;)
waiting for the campus in gombak to call.
ohh yeaah.
that; i just cant wait.

but within these month,
i dont know what im gonna be doing.
asking for a job from my parents? wasting time.
they're not gonna give any approval for me to work ;((
then what to do?
making more & more & more spaces for the stamoch.
eventhough i dont really like doing so,
but so little choices;)

now it's been 2 weeks of the holidays.
damnn bored.
cant go out with friends, cant go shopping.
cant life be more boring than this??!


.::MiAPPLEiSTA::. said...

Hahaha~ aq dah agak dah.. kalo cuti jewp, mesT bosan laaah.. adeeeh.. XD

syeda said...

tawu xpe.
baek xpaya cuti doe.