ehh; result TER kluar ke?

my goshhh!
result da TER kluar??
it leaked out?
tulis kt student portal 11 march br result kua.
tp apesal ttbe kua awl??

&& is it valid? the result;
some said that it may change.
ta na la tuka da.
aku tkot la ttbe dye trun kan result aku.
isyhhh ;(

guess im quite happy with what i got;
what i can say is;
result aku maintain cm sem lps je.
xde pningkatan lngsng!!
gpa & cgpa same je mcm sem lps.
what the ???

but still;
so so & so dissapointed ngn math and progrmmng;
thought i can get A for those 2 sbjcts.
uhh well; programmng still can consider lah.
esok na exam xstdy pon.
TERovernite plk.
xpena2 buat cm2.
aahahha ;))
klw xdpt A pn cm oke lg la.
but math;
no commnt;

yg bwt aku malu;
math ngn physics aku x A pn.
padahal time exam week tu;
ktorg stdy same2, tp dye bole dpt A for both sbjcts.
seriusly, aku cm malu la ngn dye ;(

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