programming; ape nie wey?

project programming kami dpt :
Calculate score for a 10-pin bowling game, which usually have 10 frames. The score is based on the number of pins knocked down. You are to enter the number of pins knocked down for each throw for each frame, giving correct extra points for strikes and spares.

mcm best; tp ble pk2 blek cmne na bwt;
omg; ape nie?
cmne ktorg na bwt program na calculate score bowling?

madam ckp; "u guys pegi la maen bowling.
dlu mdm bwt assgnment pn, ktorg pegi sndiri, tnye kt tmpt bowling tu jgk."

we were like; aaaaa~; ble na pegi doe.
aku cm comfirm je sbjct programming aku xbole r na dpt 4 flat;(
klw gaye cmni; tercenggang2 na bwt prject.

klw ade yg snggp na tlg ajar2 bwt project nie.

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