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"You've got to help me," Farmen John told the council official."Speeding drivers are killing my chickens!"
The next day, workers erected a sign near the farm: "slow- school crossing."
Three days later, John called again. "The sign's not helping. People ignore it."
So the official sent out workers with a new sign: "slow- children at play."
Three days later, Farmer John picked up the phone again. " That didnt work either. Can i make my own sign?"
The official agreed. Three weeks later, he called John back. "How's the new sign working for you?" he asked.
"Great!" the farmer replied. "Not one chicken has been killed since i put it up."
"Really??What does the sign say?"
"nudist colony- go slow and watch for chicks."


the technology of sms has taken over my 11 year old brother's life. i realised this when helping him prepare for spelling test. 'CELEBRATION' i challenged.
' C E L E B R A S . .no wait' he paused.'backspace the S.'


rain had been falling in our area for most of the month.'is it going to rain again today?' my six year old cousin, Abby asked her mother.
'yes i think so,' her mother replied.
looking up at the sky, Abby sad,' when is it going to be empty?'


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